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VTS Goals

  • "Our goal of turning over the VTS to the administration of the Fine Arts Department of the SAISD was achieved in May 2005." The district agrees to the premise of achieving realistic attainable growth that creates program endurance and full adoption by SAISD.
  • Create a relationship between art museums and inner city schoolteachers, so that teachers feel confident to teach in a museum setting and incorporate museum resources into their lessons. From the training sessions teachers will become more familiar with museum resources and personnel so that relationships are established between educational institutions. Teachers will then feel comfortable to further incorporate fine arts into lesson plans. Teachers will receive regular questionnaires and program evaluation forms, as well as participate in evaluation discussions of the training methods and report on classroom progress.
  • Bridge cultural institutions and the underserved public by expanding the VTS Family Day. The Family Day events reach low income, education poor families who otherwise would not visit the museum. Parents witness and practice the VTS method with their children having the opportunity to learn methods of listening and learning facilitation.


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